Custom Outfits

Are you a fashion forward individual looking to curate your own unique look from the ground up? Well here's your one and only chance to work directly with an artist creating a custom designed Spacejockeyz outfit of up to 5 garments for your next festival or event. We will work side by side with you to curate your look and then print only 2 copies of each garment and send them to you. That is it. Nobody else will ever have that artwork and outfit except you.

This is a unique opportunity, and as such each Spacejockeyz Custom Outfit will be a unique price befitting the bespoke nature of the artwork. The price will vary depending on the garments you choose, and how in depth the artwork you want created is. You can expect something like this to cost around $1000-2000 to give you a ballpark.

But make no mistake, nobody in the universe will look like you do. Ever.

Contact us today at for a voice consultation with our founder.